YS has 2 meanings
1. What does YS stand for in emails?

Yours sincerely

When used at the end of an email, YS stands for "yours sincerely." This simple sign-off is many people's go-to way of wrapping up a message, whether talking to a friend, family member, or complete stranger.

In many cases, YS is a platitude, used simply because it's a common, inoffensive sign-off. However, friends and family members typically mean it when they end a message with YS, and likely hope you'll respond soon with the same sincerity.



A woman who hates it when people end emails with YS

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Updated July 31, 2023
2. What does YS mean as an insult?

You suck

YS is a quick way to tell someone "you suck." You're most likely to encounter this flippant insult while chatting or texting with a friend who is not entirely happy with you ATM.

Gamers may also be sent YS while playing an online game. For example, if you're playing poorly, your teammates might say YS. OTOTH, if you're playing well, your opponents might say YS.


I can't believe you attacked my base right away. YS
Git gud I guess

A man who is about to send YS

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Updated July 31, 2023

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