What does punt mean in online gaming?


When a streamer makes a mistake that might cost them a game, Twitch users often enter punt in chat. This slang term has its origins in American football.

What is the origin of punt?

In American football, offenses repeatedly attempt to move the ball forward 10 yards within the span of four downs, in hopes of reaching the opponent's goal. If an offense succeeds in moving the ball 10 yards, they get a new set of downs. If they fail, they turn the ball over to the opposing team's offense.

On fourth down, offenses that aren't in position to score typically punt (kick) the ball far down the field. This gives control, and a chance to score, to the opposing team.

How is punt used in online gaming?

Just as a punt in football gives a team's opponents a chance to score, a punt in online gaming gives a player's opponent a chance to score or win. However, while football punts are deliberate, gaming punts are not. Instead, they are unintentional mistakes that a gamer makes because they are playing too quickly or not considering all their options.

So, any time a streamer makes a mistake and you want to rub salt in the wound, you can enter punt or punted in chat. This lets the streamer know you think they messed up. (You could also just let the mistake slide.)


Can you believe he tapped the wrong lands? What a punt
Veteran MTG players will understand this punt
Veteran MTG players will understand this punt

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Updated February 23, 2022

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