GA has 2 meanings
1. What does GA stand for?

Good afternoon

GA is an acronym for "good afternoon", which is a saying typically used from noon to 5pm to greet someone. The acronym is most often seen online or in text messages.

GA is usually used in the beginning of a formal message to be polite to the recipient. It is most likely used by an older person since there are plenty of more fun and casual ways that younger people use instead.


GA, how are you doing today?
GA means
GA means Good afternoon

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Updated February 22, 2018
2. What does GA mean in messages?

Go ahead

GA is a quick way to give a person permission to do something. For example, if you message your boss to ask if you can buy a stock at a specific price point, they might respond with, "GA, buy at 50 points."

You will most likely see people use GA when texting or messaging online. Character space may be limited, or they are in a hurry and want you to do whatever was proposed.

People may also send GA to "egg" another person on. For example, if your brother threatens to tell on you to mom and dad, you might text "GA" back to him.


If you buy a motorcycle, I'm getting an arm sleeve tattoo
GA, make my day
OK, Clint

GA now that you know what it means

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Updated February 7, 2023

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