Shower Thought

What is a shower thought?

An idea that comes to you in the shower

A shower thought (or showerthought) is an epiphany that occurs to you while you are performing a rote activity, such as taking a shower. The content of these "epiphanies" may vary - from odd and trivial to deep and meaningful.

While people have been having shower thoughts for ... well, probably forever (even when there weren't showers), the term crystallized in many netizens' brains in the early 2010s. That's because in October 2011, the r/showerthoughts subreddit launched on Reddit, allowing people to post their shower thoughts for the world to see. (And write them down in a place they won't immediately forget them.)


I put a waterproof whiteboard in my shower so I can write down my shower thoughts. That's how I became a millionaire!
A typical r/showerthoughts post
A typical r/showerthoughts post

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Updated May 27, 2022

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