Gamma Male

What is a gamma male?

A normal man

A gamma male, or gamma, is ... just a normal dude. Hypermasculine netizens (such as incels and broish teens) use this classification to refer to an average, run-of-the-mill man while discussing male social hierarchies.

Gammas stand in stark contrast to more specialized male social archetypes, such as the alpha, beta, and sigma. A gamma male is not a born leader, a subservient follower, or a lone wolf. They're just kind of there, doing their thing, which is nothing special.

You will most likely encounter gamma and its Greek alphabet-referencing siblings on social media and in forums when you've accidentally wandered into a discussion of what makes a man manly. In most cases, you'll want to just swerve out of these discussions, instead of reading further or taking part.


I'd rather be a gamma male than a beta male
I'd rather not think in those terms
An explanation of where gamma males fall in the "hierarchy"
An explanation of where gamma males fall in the "hierarchy"

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Updated March 15, 2024

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