Gang Gang

What does gang gang mean?

I'm with you

Gang gang is an elusive slang term that can mean many things. But typically, people use gang gang to either a) agree with something someone else just said or b) refer to a group of friends.

For example, if your friend asks if you want to go to McDonald's, you could respond with "gang gang" - meaning "Yes, of course I want to go to McDonalds, why are we not already there?" Or, as another example, you could post a photo of yourself and your besties to social media and caption it "my gang gang - we're BFFs for life."

What is the origin of gang gang?

While gang gang's exact origin is unknown, it appears to have originated in the Chicago rap scene. As many Chicago rap artists went mainstream around 2012, so did gang gang. Squad, thot, and other AAVE terms are also thought to have entered mainstream slang vocabularies this way.

Whatever its origin, gang gang is now a common term used on social media. It is also quite popular among fans of the comedian and podcaster Theo Von, who often uses the phrase.

Variations of gang gang

Because gang gang is already unnecessarily repetitive, people love adding extra gangs to it. You may see social media users write gang gang as gang gang gang, gang gang gang gang, and so on when they want to emphasize their feelings of agreement or friendship.


Anyone else just not feeling it today?
Gang gang!
Consider yourself part of the gang gang
Consider yourself part of the gang gang

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Updated November 17, 2021

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