Omega Male

What is an omega male?

A self-sufficient, independent male

An omega male is confident, capable, and independent (similar to a sigma male) but tends to be more creative and quirky. An omega is also decisive and competent, like an alpha male, but not as showy.

Omega male derives from the Greek alphabet, similar to alpha male, beta male, and sigma male. In the case of the omega male, omega's status as the last and ultimate letter lends itself to describing the ultimate man.

However, netizens discussing male social hierarchies may also use omega to describe a man who is awkward, cringe, and childlike. In this case, they focus on omega's status as the last letter to describe men who sit last in the social hierarchy.


Ben's such an omega male
Agreed. I'm amazed he's friends with Travis
Yeah, I don't know how they get along
A Twitter user calling out an omega male in a derogatory manner
A Twitter user calling out an omega male in a derogatory manner

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Updated March 8, 2024

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