GG No Re

What does GG no re mean in online gaming?

Good game, no rematch

GG no re is an online gaming term for "Good game, no rematch." It is typically sent at the end of a game by one player to another after thoroughly defeating him or her so badly that he does not want to play again.

The term is a combination of the GG acronym for "Good game" and the re abbreviation for "Rematch," or "Replay," with a "no" sandwiched in the middle. It has been commonly used in online gaming since the early 2000s. You may see it in a variety of games, including StarCraft and League of Legends.

While it is often utilized by players who thoroughly dominate another player and want more of a challenge. It may also be used by players on the other end of the beatdown that want to play someone who is not as good. Or it could be used by a player who just no longer wants to play and is declining the offer to play another game.


GG no re
That smug GG no re feeling
That smug GG no re feeling

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Updated February 19, 2020

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