WP has 3 meanings
1. What does WP stand for in online gaming?

Well played

Gamers use WP to mean "well played." This acronym is a quick way to congratulate another player on their tight play.

Typically, players use WP to compliment their opponents' play at the end of a game. In multiplayer games, players may also use WP to compliment their teammates. In both cases, WP is often paired with GG, as part of the phrase "gg wp."


gg wp
thx gg

WP is a quick way to express respect for an opponent

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Updated March 24, 2022
2. What does WP stand for?

Wrong person

When someone messages you by mistake, they may use WP to mean "wrong person." This acronym lets you know the person made a goof, and the message they sent you was meant for someone else.

You're most likely to see WP used to mean "wrong person" in text messages, which the sender sent to you instead of their intended recipient. You may also encounter WP in in-game chat while playing online games, when another player has PMd you by mistake.


Sorry, WP. I meant to send that message to a different Steve

TMW you receive a text sent to the WP

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Updated February 1, 2022
3. What does WP stand for?


A common way to abbreviate WordPress, the most popular CMS tool used for web publishing; often used to label a website created with WordPress.


It seems like everyone has a WP site these days

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Updated March 28, 2013

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