Glow Up

What does glow up mean?

To remarkably transform in a positive manner

Glow up is when someone or something transforms positively in a remarkable way. When something or someone glows up, it may be gradual or quick and permanent or temporary.

The term is a variation of "grow up" but replaces "grow" with "glow" because the positive transformation is figuratively glowing. It became popular in the mid-2010s, especially on social media, for users to rave about positive transformations.

Most people use the term to comment on how a person drastically changes for the better. It may be superficial, like a make-over, or something more meaningful, like an emotional breakthrough.

People may also remark how objects glow up into a beautiful creation due to a re-model or re-furbish. Common objects that glow up include houses, cars, and clothes.


Did you see Michelle's outfit?
Yes, she needs to glow up before going to Paris this summer!
Celebrity glow up tweet
Celebrity glow up tweet

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Updated August 12, 2021

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