Divorce Body

What is a divorce body?

Physically fit body after divorcing

A divorce body is when a person going through a divorce improves his or her physical attractiveness. The person may have gained relationship weight and is now dieting, exercising, and/or getting plastic surgery to attain an improved divorce body.

Reasons for getting a divorce body

The primary reason for acquiring a divorce body, also known as "revenge body," is to make the ex-spouse jealous of what he or she is now missing out on. This is most commonly seen among celebrities who break up often, are concerned about their public persona, and have a bunch of free time available for physical improvement.

Another reason people get a divorce body is to present themselves as an attractive option to other mates now that they are eligible again. An additional motivating factor is the opportunity to channel frustration from the dissolution of their marriage into something productive, like exercise.


Have you seen Jana Kramer's divorce body?
Yep, she's gonna make Mike regret cheating on her!

Divorce body tansformation

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Updated May 20, 2021

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