What is a grail?

A desirable item

Those searching for a rare or desirable item may call that item their grail. This slang term references the mythical Holy Grail which, in most tellings, is an ancient cup that provides its owner with eternal youth.

Any sort of sought-after item can be a grail. For example, a Pokémon fan might consider a first edition, holographic Charizard from the original TCG set to be their grail, while a foodie might consider a meal at Kochi to be their grail.

Some hobbyists use specific variants of grail to refer to their hobby's rarest or most desirable items. For example, those looking for a specific pair of sneakers may refer to those shoes as grails.


A copy of Detective 27 is my grail comic book
A Grateful Dead fan showing off their grail tour t-shirt
A Grateful Dead fan showing off their grail tour t-shirt

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Updated February 21, 2023

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