What does GTFOH stand for?

Get the f*** outta here


When you don't want to hear from or see someone anymore, you can send them "GTFOH." For example, when you encounter a terrible opinion on Twitter, you could reply, "GTFOH. You need serious help."

Remember that most people recognize GTFOH as an intense way to tell someone to go away because it employs the inflammatory f-bomb, so be careful when you use it. However, some people may also use it playfully when hearing a dumb thought, so don't be too quick to react cause you may be misinterpreting the tone.

People typically utilize it online because the Internet, especially social media, is all about blazingly hot takes and argumentative keyboard warriors. While people use it online in forums, when messaging, and on social media, you might also encounter it in texts when people are super mad.


He just said Rodgers is better than Brady. GTFOH!
GTFOH boxing tweet
GTFOH boxing tweet

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Updated May 23, 2022

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