What does GTM mean in messages?

Giggle to myself

GTM is a quick way to let someone know you are laughing to yourself (but then it's not to yourself because you just shared that you're laughing). People often use it when messaging, whether in texts or online.

For example, your friend may message you a hilarious photo of his baby, and you reply with, "GTM! Love it!" Or, you may text your sister a funny story about your grandpa, and she replies with, "i can't believe he said that. gtm."

GTM is one of several ways to communicate laughter more subdued than the typical LOL or LMAO. Other examples include LTS, CTM, and LTM.


I just pranked the girl's dorm, GTM!
Haha. nice!

GTM thinking about the funny puppy fail video

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Updated October 23, 2023

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