Hard Pass

What does hard pass mean?

Absolutely not

Hard pass is another way to say that you really don't want something that has been offered to you. You are not just passing on the opportunity, you are firmly rejecting the idea of it.

Where does "hard pass" come from? The phrase has no clear origins, but it was coined to emphasize the rejection of an offer. Typically, a person would just say "pass" when being offered something they didn't like. However, the "hard" part is meant to communicate that you really don't like the offer. The term became popular, especially on social media, in the mid- and late-2010s to disapprove of posts describing something that appears scary or unsettling.

When do people use "hard pass"? People say "hard pass" when they really don't want to do something. Examples of when you'd say it include when offered food you think is disgusting, going on a date with a person you really dislike, or reliving middle school.


Would you date Kim Kardashian?
Hard pass

That's a hard pass from me

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Updated March 24, 2021

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