Here For It

What does here for it mean?

Excited about it

When someone says they're "here for it," it means they're happy about something - which they likely described in the same social media post, forum post, or text message. For example, if McDonald's were to announce the McRib was becoming a permanent menu item, many social media users would likely say they're "here for it," because they love the McRib.

Online, saying you're "here for" something is roughly the same thing as "showing up" and showing your support for that thing. However, it's certainly not the same as showing up or giving support IRL. For example, if you were to say you're "here for" the McRib, but then never actually buy a McRib after McDonald's adds it to their menu, your online excitement would be meaningless. (When this situation occurs while discussing political causes, it can be a mild form of performative activism.)


Hey, hey, guess who dyed their hair red today?
OMG, here for it!
A Twitter user who is here for good feature changes
A Twitter user who is here for good feature changes

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Updated August 11, 2022

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