It Me

What does it me mean?

I identify with that

It me means "I identify with that," "I feel the same way," or "that's me." Social media and Internet forum users post "it me" in response to images, videos, and sentiments that make them think of themselves and their own lives.

For example, if a Twitter user posts about how they keep eating Taco Bell despite the fact that Taco Bell's "food" inevitably upsets their stomach, other Twitter users who also can't stop themselves from eating Taco Bell might retweet the tweet saying "it me."

While the above example is trivial and carefree, "it me" can also be used to genuinely reach out to others and offer emotional support. If you want to quickly tell someone who is going through a difficult situation that you've been there, too, you can respond to their post with "it me." That way, the poster will know they are not alone.

Outside of social media and online forums, YouTubers also sometimes start their videos by saying "It me," which is simply a shortened form of "It's me."


Twitter User: *posts a picture of a stormy sea, with a boat being tossed endlessly upon the waves*
Other Twitter User: it me
Yes, you can even use "it me" to identify with a cat
Yes, you can even use "it me" to identify with a cat

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Updated October 12, 2020

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