What does HHOK stand for?

Ha-ha only kidding

After someone says something in jest, they may use HHOK (ha-ha only kidding) to walk back that "humorous" statement. This acronym is similar to the much more commonly used JK and HHJK.

Typically, people use HHOK when they've realized their previous, hilarious-to-them statement irritated or upset you, instead of making you laugh. In theory, HHOK is a way of letting you in on the "joke" so you can laugh along. In practice, when someone sends you HHOK, you'll likely find yourself feeling even angrier.


OMG, I just saw your car in the parking lot ... when did you get that huge dent?
There's a dent? Where?!
... not funny, dude

A man who is about to send HHOK

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Updated January 18, 2023

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