What does HHOS stand for?

Ha-ha, only serious

HHOS stands for "ha-ha, only serious." In other words, kind of joking, but not really.

It is typically used online and in text messages when conversing with someone about an awkward topic. The "Ha-ha" is meant to break the ice with laughter, possibly nervous laughter. And the "Only serious" part is to ensure that the recipient knows you aren't just joking, and that there is some truth to what you just said.

HHOS is a favorite among passive people who don't know how to handle conflict and being truthful to someone's face because they fear the repercussions. An instance where you would use "HHOS" is when talking about a person's faults and you are not sure how he or she will react.


Yeah, maybe she really doesn't like me." "HHOS

HHOS means ha-ha, only serious

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Updated October 12, 2020

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