What does HH1/2KO stand for?

Ha ha, half-kidding only

When someone sends you HH1/2KO (ha ha, half-kidding only), it means their previous message was kind of a joke, but also kind of serious. For example, someone might send you HH1/2KO after exaggerating, to make sure you know there was a grain of truth to their exaggeration.

People also use HH1/2KO when making a proposition that may seem wild or unwise. If you're not into the proposition, the sender is totally kidding OFC. But if you are into it, they're totally serious.


I think maybe we should quit our jobs ... HH1/2KO
No, you're right, we should!

A man having a HH1/2KO moment

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Updated August 2, 2022

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