Hiatus Brain

What is hiatus brain?

When superfans' minds go wild during a hiatus

Superfans who can't stop thinking about their favorite TV show, comic, or other series during a hiatus may say they have hiatus brain. Hiatus brain drives fans to do "crazy" things while waiting for new content - such as creating their own fanfic, rewatching or rereading a series from the beginning, or diving deep into theories and speculation in fan forums.

For most fans, a long enough hiatus causes their hiatus brain to eventually disappear, as they move on to watching or reading a different (likely just as addictive) series. For some extremely dedicated fans, though, hiatus brain has only one cure: the new content the fan craves.


So my hiatus brain keeps walking me through different ships for Jason and they're all terrible and I wish the fourth season would just COME OUT ALREADY
A Hunter x Hunter fan indulging their hiatus brain
A Hunter x Hunter fan indulging their hiatus brain

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Updated October 14, 2022

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