What does multifandom mean?

Subscribing to multiple communities of fans

Multifandom is when a person partakes in more than one fandom. The person does not limit himself to just one community of fans; instead, he is part of two or more groups of fans devoted to a particular movie, comic series, TV show, book, character, musical group, person, etc.

Where did multifandom come from?

Multifandom is an extension of fandom, which comes from the combination of "fan" and "kingdom." Fandom was made popular in the early-2010s as a way to describe groups of people, often called "nerds," that obsess over something or someone. Multifandom grew out of that term in the mid-2010s as a more encompassing label for a fan who spreads her love out among multiple communities.

Differences between a multifandom and fandom

Besides the obvious, the primary difference between multifandom and fandom is that the multifandom label sometimes has a negative connotation. A fan who spreads her dedication among many communities instead of solely supporting one community may be derided as not providing enough devotion. This resentment is similar to that between stans and multistans, especially in the Kpop community.

What does multifandom look like?

Multifandom varies from casual to intense. Some fans may visit Star Trek and Harry Potter forums online every so often, while others may be full-on Trekkies and Potterheads that cosplay every month. Other fandom traits may include posters on bedroom walls, and subscriptions to online fan clubs.

Popular examples of fandoms

There are many types of fandoms, but some stand above the rest. Popular fandoms include Star Wars (SW), Star Trek, Harry Potter (HP), Lord of the Rings (LOTR), Doctor Who, anything Kpop, anything anime, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, One Direction (1D), Marvel (especially the MCU), and My Little Pony.


I know some say it's heresy but my multifandom consists of LOTR and HP

Trekkie confronting another Trekkie about liking Star Wars

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Updated April 13, 2021

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