What does HLM mean in messages?

He loves me

HLM is a declaration to the world that "he" (a boyfriend, husband, etc.) romantically loves you. For example, a bubbly teenage girl giddy with love may text her friends "HLM!" after her bf confesses his love for her.

Not many people use HLM since it is obscure and specific. However, if you encounter the acronym, you may need to use context clues to know who the "he" is unless they mention him in the same conversation or message.

While most people see HLM as a good thing, others might not like being someone's object of desire. For example, suppose the friend you put in the brotherzone confesses his love for you. In that case, you might message your friends "HLM..." with a throwing up emoji to show your disgust.


HLM! HLM not! HLM!


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Updated April 18, 2022

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