What is hoco short for?


Hoco is an abbreviation for "Homecoming," which is a school tradition of inviting back alumni. It is most often used by students in the week of homecoming to refer to different activities, which include various school spirit rallies, a football game, and a dance.

The homecoming tradition is typically observed by high schools, colleges, and universities in the month of September or October. While the tradition is meant to raise school spirit, it is also mocked by some students as a superficial exercise. These students use the "hoco" abbreviation ironically.

The acronym may also appear as "HoCo" or "HOCO." Instead of the school-related homecoming, the abbreviation may also be used to refer to Spider-Man: Homecoming, a superhero movie released in 2017.


Has Trevor asked you to hoco yet?
No, still waiting. :-/
WTH is wrong with him!

An awkward hoco dance

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Updated October 13, 2020

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