Hockey Hair

What is hockey hair?

Long, flowing hair with flipped wings

Hockey hair is long (often shoulder length), flowing mullet-like hair that typically has wings on the sides flipped up from wearing a winter hat. The style gets its name from its prevalence among hockey players (kids to pros).

Origin of hockey hair

The slang term "hockey hair" originated in the 1970s as players began growing out their hair from their previous clean-cut standard. The hair was especially on display when they were not required to wear helmets, and their hair would flow freely as they skated.

Additionally, it is unclear who coined the term. Instead, it appears to have arisen organically. The hockey community embraced hockey hair, and even non-hockey fans know about the hairstyle, especially in the midwest.

The "Game On! Minnesota" YouTube channel has posted "Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team" recaps of the best hockey hair for each tournament in the 2010s. Many of these videos have [gone viral|go viral], garnering millions of views.


Kevin has some great hockey hair going on
And he doesn't even play!

Showing off that luscious hockey hair

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Updated February 21, 2023

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