Hw has 3 meanings
1. What is hw short for?


Hw is an abbreviation that refers to homework, which is school work that needs to be done outside of class. It is assigned by teachers to help kids learn a subject by completing essays, worksheets, and other tasks.

Homework is the bane of students from grade school to college. It not only requires a lot of effort but also ruins social plans, especially over the weekend.


Did you already do the hw assignment we got today?

When that hw makes your head spin

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Updated April 18, 2017
2. What is hw short for?


Hw is a common way to refer to various types of computer hardware. Some examples include the central processing unit (CPU), monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound card, speakers, motherboard, and graphics card.

Who uses hw?

You will most likely only encounter the abbreviation when texting or communicating online with an IT professional or techie. Oftentimes, these discussions revolve around some broken or defective hw component (cruft), and it needs to be replaced or upgraded.

The difference between hardware and software

First of all, "hardware" is shortened as "hw," whereas "software" is shortened as "sw." Besides the obvious, hardware refers to the physical components of the computer and its related devices. Software is a program or application that runs on a computer, like Microsoft Office.

Other types of hardware

Hw may be used to refer to other types of hardware. For example, your dad may text that he's going to the "hw store" to get a new saw. Or your little sister may refer to her numerous trophies in basketball as "hw."


I bought some new hw, including more RAM and an external hard drive
Computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse hw
Computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse hw

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Updated March 16, 2021
3. What does HW mean regarding weight?

Highest weight

People concerned with their weight may refer to the highest weight they've weighed in at as "HW." For example, you may text your fitness coach, "It's been five weeks since my HW. Thanks for your help getting me to my GW!"

You might see HW in messages or online, including in a web forum or group on social media. They may also use other weight-related acronyms, such as SW (starting weight), GW (goal weight), and LW (lowest weight).

People that use HW may try to lose weight in various ways, including diets such as keto and paleo or intermittent fasting (IF). People may also work out to lose weight and post about fitspo and thinspo that inspire them.


I'm getting close to my HW again. Can you help me shop for healthier foods
Sure thing. I love helping people eat healthier

Getting pants on at your HW can be challenging

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Updated June 21, 2023

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