What is a player in the dating world?

A person who manipulates others for their own gain

In the dating world, a player (typically a male) manipulates others to get what they want. Players treat dating as a game, looking to "win" romantic targets, often by acting sweet and caring towards them, but not looking to be authentic or in it for a long-term relationship. Also, in some cases, a player may be winning multiple romantic targets simultaneously, otherwise known as "cheating."

People primarily use "player" as a derogatory term to call out someone's low and sketchy behavior online or in person. For example, a group of female friends may warn each other about a guy who acts sweet and caring but is a player only looking to hook up.

You will likely find players in places where members of both sexes gather to mingle, such as a club or bar. However, as dating has moved to digital spaces, you will find players online and in dating apps. For example, a player may slide into your DMs and your friend's DMs with the same pick-up line calling you the "most beautiful woman he's ever seen."


You need to see Paul for who he really is. He's a player that will use you and then throw you away when he's done.
But he said that I'm the wind beneath his wings!

A player going from one woman to the next

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Updated March 13, 2023

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