What is hopium?

False hopes

If you're engaged in overly-optimistic thinking, other netizens may say you're on hopium. This "drug" doesn't actually exist, but you'll find mentions of it in forums, social media, and chat rooms, when a user's hopes are unreasonably high.

As you may have already guessed, hopium is a portmanteau of "hope" and "opium." It is used by people who believe false hopes can be as addictive (and in some cases, dangerous) as opium.

Hopium is related to but distinct from copium, another opium-inspired portmanteau (from "cope" and "opium"). While hopium refers to someone's ability to maintain false hope, copium refers to someone's ability to cope with a negative outcome via false rationalizations.


Do you think there's a chance the Bears win the Super Bowl next year?
Dude, how much hopium are you on?
TMW hopium is the only thing keeping your 401K afloat
TMW hopium is the only thing keeping your 401K afloat

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Updated March 28, 2023

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