What is copium?

Coping via false rationale

Copium is a fictional drug that netizens accuse others of being on when they're in denial about something. "Doing copium," the thinking goes, allows people to cope with negative events, often by creating false rationalizations of how the event "didn't happen" or "isn't a big deal."

Like many slang terms, copium is a portmanteau, created by combining the words "cope" and "opium." It is related to but distinct from hopium, a portmanteau of "hope" and "opium" used to call out false hopes.


So what if we lose Aaron Rodgers? Jordan Love seems like he's just as good
Sure hitting that copium hard today, huh?
A Redditor calling out a Tesla fanatic's copium use
A Redditor calling out a Tesla fanatic's copium use

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Updated March 28, 2023

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