Horny On Main

What does horny on main mean?

Acting lustful on your primary social account

When a Twitter, Tumblr, or other social media user is accused of being "horny on main," it means they're acting thirsty on their primary social media account. While many social media users tend to avoid posting lustful content, those who are horny on main are not shy about discussing or displaying their sexual desires.

Where did horny on main come from?

In 2016, Twitter users began using horny on main to describe instances in which a user discussed their sexual desires or posted sexually-charged images on their primary account, rather than a secondary or anonymous account. For example, in June 2016, tweeter @spiral_liker posted "sorry for almost getting horny on main, again. im getting better!"

Over the next year, horny on main was used primarily among Twitter and Tumblr's furry communities. The term became more prominent and more popularly used after U.S. Senator Ted Cruz liked a number of NSFW tweets in late 2017, leading numerous Twitter users to accuse Cruz of being horny on main.

How is horny on main used?

When another Twitter user posts sexually-charged content on their main account, you can say the user is being "horny on main." Most of the stigma associated with being (tastefully) horny on main is gone, so users now often playfully "accuse" each other of being horny on main. Users may also proudly proclaim they are being horny on main, when they discuss their crushes and sexual desires.


At the risk of being horny on main, that Sebastian Stan is a dreamboat. Woof
A Twitter user who is likely horny on main
A Twitter user who is likely horny on main

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Updated March 18, 2021

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