What does TWSB stand for online?

This website sucks b***s


People who are frustrated with a website might use TWSB to say so. You're most likely to encounter TWSB on forums and social media, within posts made by users who are unhappy with the forum or platform's:

  • User interface
  • Moderation
  • Other users
  • Owners
  • All of the above

For example, an angry Twitter user might tweet "TWSB since Elon took over." This means the user thinks Twitter has gotten worse since Elon Musk bought it.


I keep meaning to delete my Facebook account but instead here I am posting this
Yah, TWSB. I don't know why we all use it!

TMW you're trying to stop users from posting TWSB

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Updated August 22, 2023

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