Hot Pot

What does hot pot mean?

To soak in a hot spring

Hot pot is when a person finds a superheated thermal spring and soaks in it. It is commonly done to relieve stress, like when you relax in a hot tub, but is also done for fun with other people to be adventurous.

People usually go to hot pot in places where hot springs are numerous. These springs are heated by the Earth's mantle and can be found all over the world. Places like Yellowstone National Park are a popular tourist destination where people like to hot pot.

Hot springs temperature levels may differ with some reaching lethal levels. These pools are usually fenced off to prohibit people from going into them. However, many people ignore these measures in order to experience a natural soak. There have been over 20 deaths from thermal pools or geysers at Yellowstone alone since 1870. In June 2016, Colin Scott was hot potting and fell into the thermal pool while checking the temperature. He died shortly after falling in from severe burns and his body completely dissolved.


He went up the mountain to hot pot last weekend and he said it was the most relaxing thing he's ever done.

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Updated December 14, 2016

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