Hot Potting

What is hot potting?

Soaking in a superheated thermal spring

Hot potting is a trend where a person soaks in superheated thermal springs. It is usually done to relieve stress, much like relaxing in a hot tub.

Hot potting occurs in geological areas like Yellowstone National Park, where hot springs are common. Most springs form when water that has been heated by hotter parts of the earth surfaces to an area that can be reached by humans. Since the springs can reach lethal temperatures, they are usually fenced off to prohibit people from taking dips in them. However, many people ignore these measures in order to experience a natural soak.

Since the first recorded death at Yellowstone in 1870, over 20 people have died in thermal pools or geysers. In June 2016, Colin Scott was hot potting and fell into the thermal pool while checking the temperature. He died shortly after falling in from severe burns and his body actually dissolved.


A couple of us are gonna go hot potting after work tonight, you wanna join us?
Hot springs like this are popular locations to hot pot
Hot springs like this are popular locations to hot pot

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Updated January 24, 2017

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