HQ has 2 meanings
1. What does HQ stand for?

High quality

People who are discussing top-notch products use HQ to mean "high quality." You may see this acronym in text, social media, or forum messages when a user says good things about a video, gadget, book, piece of clothing, or another item.

For example, a friend who gifted you a Henckels Santoku Knife for Christmas may text you saying, "Hope you enjoy it! The knife is supposed to be very HQ." Or, a forum user discussing MTG cards may post that "Cards printed in Japan are very HQ; wish we could get that print quality here."


The special effects in Marvel movies used to be HQ. Now they look pretty cheap and rushed

A kid who thinks this definition is HQ

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Updated December 22, 2022
2. What is hq short for?


An abbreviation for the headquarters of a business, which is the location where a majority of the important functions are coordinated; also used in reference to military organizations.


I didn't know their hq were located in London!

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Updated January 21, 2015

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