What is a banger?

An awesome, energetic piece of media

People typically use the term banger to refer to a high-energy, tightly-crafted song. Bangers are often but definitely not always pop songs, featuring highly infectious beats. Whatever the genre, the true mark of a banger is that it makes listeners want to get up and dance - or at the very least, bang their head in time with the music.

Over time, Internet users have expanded banger's meaning such that it can be applied to almost any form of media. For example, a fan of Adventure Time might say a very good episode of that show is a banger. In this sense, banger now means "awesome" or "a classic," in addition to its original, music-specific meaning.

Other meanings of banger

The word banger has a few other meanings, which are used less frequently than the one described above. For instance, in the UK, banger is another word for "sausage." Also, those discussing members of a gang may refer to the gang members as "bangers," which is short for "gang bangers." Context should help you sort out whether you're discussing media, sausage, gangsters, or something else entirely.


Did you put on the new Janelle Monáe single yet? What a banger!
Reddit users discussing what makes a banger a banger
Reddit users discussing what makes a banger a banger

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Updated August 25, 2021

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