Insta Cop

What does insta cop mean?

Buy immediately

Someone who is going to insta cop something plans to buy that thing immediately. You may see this phrase used in forums, chat messages, and social media posts, when users are excited about a product. For example, when Mountain Dew announces a new flavor, you may see gamers say they're going to insta cop it.

The etymology of insta cop

Insta cop is a portmanteau of "insta" and "cop." Insta- is an abbreviation for "instantly." It is used in other slang terms like instalock and instamom. To cop something means to acquire, capture, or purchase it. So, to insta cop something means to acquire it instantly.


I'm gonna insta cop that new Stanley thermos; it's so slick
Insta cop means "buy immediately"
Insta cop means "buy immediately"

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Updated May 10, 2022

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