What does BIFL stand for on Reddit?

Buy it for life

On Reddit and other social media platforms, BIFL stands for "buy it for life." This acronym is used in discussions of important and often costly purchases, to indicate that a person wants to or should buy a durable, long-lasting product.

Reddit users who live the BIFL lifestyle advocate for buying high-quality products that will remain functional for years, if not for the rest of a person's life. Oftentimes, posters who encourage others to BIFL point out that buying many cheap products over the course of a lifetime is actually more expensive than buying one expensive-yet-enduring item. So, it often makes financial sense to pony up some extra money in the present, to avoid additional purchases in the future.

However, not every BIFL item is expensive. In the r/BuyItForLife subreddit, users post pictures, reviews, and recommendations of nearly every kind of item they've bought for life. Measuring cups, winter boots, stand mixers, water bottles, and hatchets can all be BIFL items.


Looking for a BIFL pair of socks, or at least as close as I can get. I'm tired of wearing my socks out so quickly
A Reddit user showing off some BIFL cookware
A Reddit user showing off some BIFL cookware

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Updated January 4, 2021

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