IPad Kid

What is an iPad kid?

A child who is always on a tablet

An iPad kid is a child who is almost never without an iPad (or other tablet) in their hands. You might find interacting with these children difficult, as they ignore you to focus on whatever video they're watching or game they're playing on their tablet.

In the smartdevice era, many overworked and stressed-out parents have chosen to let their kids engage in screen time to their hearts' content, producing a generation of iPad kids. While the exact consequences of this tech-assisted parenting have yet to be completely understood, many say that iPad kids are at risk for social and emotional impairment.

Origin of iPad kid

The term iPad kid has been around since the early 2010s - roughly as long as the iPad itself. However, the term re-entered the public consciousness via various TikTok and YouTube videos in early 2021. For example, in March 2021, streamer Quackity stated that he doesn't like being referred to as an iPad kid, saying "that is like the worst insult anyone can ever give to you."


I worry about whether all these iPad kids are going to be able to actually interact with people when they grow up
Eh, people always worry too much about what new generations are doing. They'll probably be fine
How to spot an iPad kid
How to spot an iPad kid

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Updated April 28, 2023

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