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1. What does F2P stand for?


F2P stands for "free-to-play." Free-to-play video games allow players to play free of charge but offer optional in-game purchases that enhance the games' gameplay.

For example, Roblox is a popular online game platform that allows players to play dozens of different types of games. While Roblox is F2P, players can use real money to buy Robux, Roblox's in-game currency. Players can then spend their Robux on cosmetic items (such as skins and accessories), enhanced abilities (such as the ability to jump higher or run faster), and access to VIP servers. None of these paid features are essential to enjoying Roblox, but many players enjoy the game so much that they are willing to pay for "bonus" features.

Most F2P games are truly free-to-play, allowing players to play and progress through them without spending any money. Some malicious game developers and companies, however, create "F2P" games that are nearly impossible to progress through without making many in-game purchases. These sorts of predatory F2P games are labelled "pay-to-win."


I've played a ton of F2P games and never spent any money. #Winning

If your child says this, remind them that Roblox is actually F2P

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Updated November 18, 2020
2. What does F2P stand for?

Free to play

An acronym that is usually a question that asks if a friend is available to play a game online.


r u f2p starcraft 2nite?

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Updated August 6, 2014

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