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1. What is ft short for?


Ft means featuring. It is an abbreviation often used in the music industry to highlight every artist that contributes to a track.

When 2 or more artists collaborate on a song the main artist receives the artist label and then the ft abbreviation follows with the other collaborating artists. While the ft abbreviation is most commonly seen on songs it may also appear in concerts headlines, talk shows with special guests, and gaming streams with multiple gamers. Featuring may also be abbreviated as feat too.


Have you listened to the new track by Eminem ft Dr. Dre?

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Updated July 13, 2016
2. What does FT stand for?


Apple device users sometimes use FT to refer to FaceTime, the video call software bundled with iPhones, iPads, and Macs. FT is most often used when asking someone if they want to conduct a FaceTime call.

For example, consider the following exchange between a parent and child:

Parent: "I don't know how to connect to the Internet at this hotel. Can you help?"

Child: "Sure. You probably just have to pull up the Wi-Fi login. Have you connected to their network?"

Parent: "... What button do I click to do that?"

Child: "It might be easier if we just FT."

Parent: "What's FT?"

Child: "FaceTime, mom. I'm going to video call you, just a sec."

Only Apple devices have FaceTime installed, so only Apple device users are likely to use FT to mean FaceTime. If you don't have an Apple device and you've been invited to FT, you'll have to explain that you don't have access to FaceTime.


Wanna FT?
Sure, give me a minute to get decent

FT lets you see your loved ones ... provided you both have Apple devices

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Updated June 3, 2021
3. What does Ft stand for?

For trade

FT means for trade. It is a gaming acronym used to tell others that a specific item is available for trade.

The acronym is commonly used in games that feature items that can be traded, like Pokémon, with other users. It often appears in trading topic forums with listed Pokémon that the topic creator is willing to trade.


I got a Clefairy FT, anyone interested?

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Updated July 13, 2016

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