What does JEDI stand for in business?

Justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion

Businesses, schools, and other organizations talking about JEDI probably aren't interested in Star Wars. Instead, these organizations are likely discussing "justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion" initiatives, aimed at promoting the fair treatment of all people.

Just like DEI initiatives, JEDI initiatives are aimed at breaking down discriminatory organizational barriers and encouraging collaboration and understanding among people from diverse backgrounds. However, JEDI initiatives often have more substance to them than DEI initiatives do. For example, while an organization espousing its DEI initiatives may simply be conducting diversity training, an organization pursuing JEDI initiatives may instead create employee networks and resource groups that actually give minority employees a voice.


We switched from DEI to JEDI because we think justice and equity lead to diversity and inclusion
Some conservatives dislike JEDI initiatives
Some conservatives dislike JEDI initiatives

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Updated March 28, 2023

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