What does jebaited mean?


Jebaited means "baited," "trolled," or "deceived." Popular among gamers, this slang term is derived from a Twitch emote of the same name, which shows Community Effort Orlando organizer Alex Jebailey looking up in surprise.

The Twitch community uses the jebaited emote to warn streamers that someone in chat is attempting to troll or trick them. If the streamer falls for their "fan's" bait, they and others in chat might exclaim that they were jebaited (and also, spam the emote).

The term has caught on not only because it is associated with a popular Twitch emote, but because it is really fun to say. Jebaited rolls off the tongue much better than "baited" or "tricked," allowing streamers and other gamers to emphasize the feeling of betrayal they experience when they're jebaited.


Streamer: Which door should I pick? 1, 2, or 3?
Chat: Door 2, obvs. Everyone knows that
Streamer: Alright, I'll pick door 2 ... oh, what the heck? We died!
Chat: hahahah, jebaited

TMW you know you're being jebaited

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Updated November 11, 2020

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