What does kenough mean?

Feeling of adequacy in your identity

Kenough is when a person is so secure in their identity that they do not need to prove anything to others. For example, a man who feels insecure about his masculinity may do stereotypically "manly" things to prove his worth. However, if the man is "kenough," he is comfortable in his skin and does not need to act a certain way to get others' approval.

Origin of kenough

The slang term "kenough" comes from the 2023 film Barbie, which features "Ken" (played by Ryan Gosling), whose only purpose is to be noticed by Barbie. In the film, Ken experiences an existential crisis when Barbie ignores his attempts to get her attention, leading him to pursue an identity that ultimately hurts the Barbies in Barbie Land.

Eventually, Ken realizes that he is kenough (a combination of "Ken" and "enough") and rejects the idea of having to act a certain way to be a "man" according to society's standards. During this realization, Ken wears a not-so-subtle sweatshirt with the words "I am Kenough." After the movie premiered in July, many people took to social media to share their appreciation for Ken's plight and confess that they are kenough.


I sometimes struggle with how I look
I'm sorry to hear that. You are kenough to me. :)
A kenough TikTok
A kenough TikTok

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Updated December 12, 2023

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