What does L/F/E stand for?

Lovers forever

L/F/E stands for "lovers forever," which is similar to BFF, but a little more intimate. It is typically seen in text messages or online.

This acronym may be used by actual lovers to proclaim their love for each other or it may be used by really close friends, most likely female friends that joke around by calling each other "lover."

It is rather obscure so keep in mind that if you use it it will most likely confuse the recipient unless it is used as part of some type of inside joke. Some things that "L/F/E" do include sharing toothbrushes, texting each other every day, twinning with their outfits, and posting on social media about how much they care about each other.


Ever since we met I knew we would be L/F/E

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Updated December 2, 2020

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