What does DULM stand for?

Do you love me

One of the most important questions you ever ask probably shouldn't be reduced to an acronym but if you choose to do so, use "DULM." The best cases to use it include when messaging online and texting.

DULM is somewhat obscure and less popular compared to the DYLM variation. You can use DULM sincerely or sarcastically.

If you choose to use it sincerely, make sure that the recipient is slang-savvy since DULM is obscure and could lead to an awkward response. Instances when you might use it include taking things to the next level with your gf or bf or when you feel emotionally vulnerable with your mom and need to hear that she loves you.

If you use it sarcastically, it's best to do it with someone you are already friends with. For example, you might use it after trolling a friend on social media or after jokingly reveling in a friend's fail in a text message thread.


DULM or not?

A very important question

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Updated September 27, 2021

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