What does l33t mean?


L33t is the standard way to write "leet" in leetspeak (the 3s represent "e"s), a language that encodes messages with numbers and other characters. You will likely see l33t online, where proficient computer users may use the language when messaging, posting in web forums, or gaming to skirt filters or sound "cool" to others.

For example, your friend may complain about a gamer, "he was using l33t. so annoying." Or, your dad may lament about nerds in a forum, "I was just trying to get help with my computer, but everyone was using something called l33t."

Examples of l33t

L33t involves numbers or characters that represent English letters. Examples include 4 for "a," 3 for "e," 0 for "o," + for "t," 7 for "t," $ for "s," @ for "a," and ! for "i." Additionally, some prominent l33t words include "w00t," "n00b," and "pwn3d" (or "pwnd").


he didn't recognize my online usernames as l33t
omg, wut a n00b

Kip Dynamite definitely uses l33t

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Updated April 18, 2024

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