What does 0773h mean?


0773H is a common way to write "hello" in leetspeak, a language where users replace English letters in words with similar-looking characters and numbers. Additionally, the order of the characters in 0773H is reversed from "H3770."

Knowledgeable computer users, such as techies, proficient hackers, or avid gamers, tend to employ this language in web forums, gaming sessions, and online communication platforms. For example, a person may post an IT forum, "wh47'5 7h3 8357 20u732 4nd m0d3 f02 94m1n9?" While people may use leetspeak to hide their communications or skirt filters, they often use it to showcase their technical prowess and mock noobs.


0773H, h0wz 1t 601n9?
900d! h0w 480u7 y0u?
Evidently, some cats also use 0773H
Evidently, some cats also use 0773H

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Updated April 8, 2024

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