Lake Bagging

What is lake bagging?

Tracking the lakes you have swum in

Lake bagging is when you keep track of the various lakes you have swum in. The activity typically involves hiking to remote destinations to "bag" lakes by taking a dip in them.

Where did lake bagging come from?

Adventurers have been lake bagging since the dawn of time. However, it did not become a mainstream trend until 2020.

The surge in popularity was partially due to covid physical distancing outdoors and avoiding crowds at more popular bodies of water. Also, as GPS and mobile technology have advanced and become more widely available, more lake baggers have taken up the challenge to venture to new and lesser-known lakes.


Travis and I are going lake bagging this weekend; gonna check off 5 more lakes on our hike!
Lake bagging is always more fun on a rope swing
Lake bagging is always more fun on a rope swing

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Updated June 24, 2021

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