What does fitfam mean on social media?

A group of fitness-minded social media users

On Instagram and other social media sites, the fitfam is a group of fitness-minded posters who regularly share their exercising progress and prowess with one another. If you're a member of the #fitfam, you're not shy about posting your workout photos online for the world to see, and you're also not shy about offering words of encouragement to other fitfam-ers.

As with most social media trends, some posters have hopped on the fitfam bandwagon simply to stroke their own egos or promote their brands. However, most users of the #fitfam hashtag truly want to inspire others, share exercise tips, and promote positive, fitness-forward activities.


Carly, Talisa, and Winona are my personal fitfam. We hit the track together every morning
A #fitfam post on Twitter
A #fitfam post on Twitter

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Updated October 14, 2020

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