Weird Flex

What is a weird flex?

Strange brag

Weird flex is a phrase that means "Strange brag," and is typically used to react to someone being proud of doing something bizarre. Some examples of weird flexes are when a person is proud of never having tried a type of food or their collection of creepy porcelain dolls.

The phrase comes from the "Flex" slang term, which refers to when a person shows off or brags about something. The original meaning of flex comes from bodybuilders flexing their muscles to show off how swoll they are.

"Weird flex" is typically used by teenagers or young adults to dismiss awkward claims that create uneasy social situations. However, it might be used when flirting with someone when the person is actually intrigued by the person making the claim but doesn't want to appear too interested or impressed.


I'm proud of myself for never seeing the Notebook
Weird flex, but OK

Typical reaction to a weird flex

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Updated January 22, 2020

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